Rebel Ransom

After a summer of riding, Rebel’s hooves are sore.  Andy Chrysler trimmed his hooves.  His angles are a bit different than before and he’s reaching beneath himself more.  I’m hoping I don’t have to shoe him, but his hoof walls are thin and he seems thin soled.  I’m going to start hand walking him on the gravel.  I’ve been looking into a product called Durasole.  It’s suppose to help the frog and sole toughen up.  I can start with iodine because I can get that locally.  Durasole goes a step further with iodine, formaldehyde and gentian.  It’s suppose to help dog’s pads as well. 
I think after standing in the mud and muck for so long after all the rain we had his hooves softened up.  Kettle Morraine trails seem to cause his hooves to be sore.  Farrier’s Formula is suppose to be good for problem hooves as well.
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