Venture Redeemer (Rusty)

I brought Rusty out and brushed him down, cleaned out his hooves.  They all look healthy now.  When I brought him home his hooves were in pretty bad shape from lack of care.  They look pretty good now.  He, too is tenderfooted after all that rain.  So I longed him on the gravel and took him for a walk down to the mailbox on the pavement.  He walked quietly with his head level.  He tries to nip occaisionally like stallions do, but backs off when I shake the rope.  When we walked towards home a big grain truck came flying by and he didn’t even flinch.  I’m really ready to start riding him on a regular basis.  I can take him to an arena I have permission to use not too far away.  Hopefully I can get that organized and into a schedule soon.  My job takes so much out of me.  But I need my job to attain my goals.
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