Charitys Flame, Polish Arabian mare

This past weekend I took Charity out for a ride.  She did really well.  We stepped up by the old cement blocks used to block the road into the gravel pit.  She went through all the brush, up the short steep climb, quivered at the waterway that is underground now.  She’s learning to watch her step through the rough ground that’s like little ridges.  She went through the brush again. 
We went to see if the fallen tree blocking one of the trails had fallen to the ground yet.  It is lower, but still impassible.   So we practiced a turn around on the haunches.  Then we followed the trail to the sandy decline.  It’s perfect for getting horses to get their haunches beneath them going downhill.  It’s real sandy so they have no choice but to slide on their rear feet.  Once at the bottom we trotted perfect circles.   
We stood still and rested.  She looked all around and saw nothing that would hurt her.  We moved forward again. She quivered and bent her way around the half buried tire on the side of a hill.  She snorted at the white box.  I don’t know where that came from.  We went up and down the hills.  She wanted to trot real fast up the last hill so we turned around and tried again until she walked uphill vigorously. 
Then she started to jig and lunge towards home.  So I bent her around until she stopped and held her there until she started chewing and I felt her relax.  Then we went down the sandy hill, then back up the sandy hill (it’s hard work to climb). She did a little buck (my other horses did that there too).  So I pulled her head around until she stopped, chewed, and relaxed.  We headed home, she jigs and jumps, I back her up, let her go, she jigs and jumps, I back her up, do figure eights around the brush.  I let her rest and she looks around. Decides there are no horse eating monsters.  She sighs and decides to walk vigorously without jigging and jumping.  I love her vigorous walk.  We get to a branch hanging over the trail so we practice whoa, she’s impatient and doesn’t want to wait for me to dismount.  I back her a step, send her forward a step, back her a step, stop, say whoa.  I repeat this until she stands still.  I dismount.  She was better than ever before so I lead her the rest of the way home.  Rub her down, brush her, leave her tied for a little bit till I get her blanket and put all my stuff away.  She shows me she likes me and is more relaxed than ever before.  I turn her in with Annie D.  I feed all the horses.
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