Rainy Day Before Thanksgiving

The sky tried to spit out some snow with the rain this evening when I did chores.  It’s hard to do anything with the horses when the ground is greasy soup.  So, I just fed them heavily three times today.  Annie must be in heat because she’s kinda snotty and the Stud Horse is wound up.  Fortunately he backs off with the clap of the hands.  Then he settles down.
Sooner or later I have to break the news to everyone.  I brought home two more horses.  Mares.  I’ll never be able to get this quality of breeding for this price again.  I prayed about it and I felt it was the Lord’s leading. 
Hazel (April is a Savage) is a 14 year old registered liver chestnut Quarter Horse.  She is too sweet to be true.  Apparently she was broke to ride at one time.  She’s mostly foundation bred.  I watch her trot and run and she’s smooth and athletic. She’s very sound.  Due to the owners job loss, she was starving and headed to slaughter until rescued by Leasha.  Leasha put 300 lbs on her.  I ran across an add for a QH mare on an internet equine classified site.  I can’t remember which one or how I found it.  I was intriqued by what it said and e-mailed through the site.  Leasha sent pictures.  I saved the pictures.  There was a paint in the background.  Leasha offered the Paint and Hazel as a package deal. 
Back in my mind I thought it to be ideal to have a QH and a Paint mare to breed to Rusty.  I can’t believe I have them.  Leasha and I communicated for several months.  I kept having obsticles to even get down to S. WI to look at them.  One thing after another would happen.  In the mean time I kept looking at their pedigrees and pictures.  They would match Rusty (Venture Redeemer) very well.
I finally made it down south to pick them up but the Paint wouldn’t load and the QH mare was very nervous.  So I came home with Hazel.  When I brought her home she lost some weight with the stress.  She looks like a Hazel to me.
Leasha brought the Paint up the next night.  She looks like an Alice.  So it is:  Hazel and Alice.
I keep hay in front of Hazel all the time.  She’s put on another 75 pounds and is looking good.  She’s got big bones, high withers and a good slope to her shoulders and hip.  Her legs are straight.  She has a nice foundation/bulldog type head.  She’s kind, calm but energetic.  She watches the cows.  I bet she can cut a cow.  At 14 3 to 15 hands, she should be about 1200 lb mare.  She’s about 1000 lbs now.   Once her hooves are trimmed she’ll have good feet.  They are pretty long but still in good shape.  I’ll probably get her teet floated in the spring.  Hazel is very well mannered and well trained on the ground, anyway, with a few tricks until she knows she can trust me.
Alice (Changes Seasons) is a one and half year old registered Tobiano black Paint.  She has a black face, upper neck, back and rump.  The base of her neck is white. Her chest is black.  Her legs are white and her feet are black with black around her coronet.  Which is ideal for a Paint.  Her mane and tale are black and white.  She’s at an ackward stage but she’s going to be of good size.  She has a good slope to her shoulders and hip and good withers.  She’s prettiest when she moves.  She has smooth gates and collects naturally.  She learns fast and is already longeing at a walk both ways.  She follows me around but I have to watch her cuz she’s very curious and playfull and doesn’t always know her limits.
All good things to balance with Rusty.  Rusty is a bit mutton withered and finer boned but is more athletic than either of them.  And, is he fast and quick.  They all three have quiet calm level headed temperments.
Annie is jealous so I better take her for a walk in the next day or two. 
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