The Herd on Thanksgiving Day

Rebel and Rusty are putting on weight and getting furry coats.  They are protected from the rain and wind.  They just want more to eat.  But I don’t want them to get too heavy.  They are pretty plump right now.  The girls are down in the bottom where they are protected from the Northern winds. 
Charity gets nervous during windy times so I need to give her more hay.  She paces a lot in the wind.  Annie is doing well.  She holds her weight well and has a very heavy coat.  Pearl’s eyes are bothering her so she needs her fly mask.  Elli is happy and playful, friendly and loveable.  Elli is a tall girl, but an easy keeper. She loves Pearl and is a good companion to her.  Hazel and Alice are feeling good.  They both were running and bucking, dancing and playing.  Hazel is standing her ground better at feeding time.  At first she would let Alice push her around a bit.  Hazel needs more food than Alice does. Looks like it’s going to be easy to keep weight on Alice even though she’s going to be of good size.  So, it’s all working out well. 
I can see in Hazel she might want to get her way and get it quickly.  But for some reason she respects me and trusts me.  April does too.  They are both very attractive and loveable horses.
Oh give Thanks unto the Lord for His Mercy is Good.
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