Knee Surgery and Feeding Horses

My knee surgery (Thursday, Dec 10, 2009) went well the day after the great snow storm.  Wednesday, December 9th, we were all snowed in.  I think we got 20 inches after it was all done.  Since I couldn’t get the round bales on Wednesday Duke had to feed all the horses individually.  It was frustrating for him trying to get the snow plowed out, the firewood hauled in and the woodstove stocked, answer his ever ringing phone, feed and water his cows, the chickens, the cats, the dog, work in the shop, and when he finally gets to ‘his chair’ to sit down Tyler, the cat, is purring warmly in ‘his chair’ and has to be put outside.  That was almost the last straw.
So, now that I’m getting around better and most people are plowed out, Saturday we went to get round bales.  He put one in Rusty’s pen, one in Rebel’s pen, and one for all of the girls.  He rolled out the one for all of the girls because Charity and Annie D were playing queens of the Round Bale.  The girls ate constantly until now.  I see them all standing, basking in the  hazy sun except for Hazel, she’s still eating.  There’s still quite a bit left so hopefully it will last until Thursday when I can get some more.
Rusty nibbles at his bale with few breaks and Rebel eats, sleeps, eats, sleeps.
I can see all of this from my windows. 
Needless to say they are all going to be blimps this spring.  When I get my stitches out on Thursday I’m going to put Charity in one pen with her own round bale and Annie D in another pen with her own round bale then one to Elli, Pearl, Hazel and Alice, who all get along.  Charity and Annie D will exercise themselves in their pens and can use the extra calories.  The bales when appropriately placed will block the Northwestern wind. 
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