March Thaw

The sun is shining gloriously.  It is 45 degrees.  February was a very busy month.  I worked a lot of overtime.  I hauled a lot of water.  I kept everybody fed and happy. I collapsed every night tired and slept well. 
Today is a day of reckoning.  I have all my water hoses operating.  I filled Rusty and Rebel’s water troughs without hauling two buckets in a sled.  I also filled the bottom pasture water troughs with a hose.  I didn’t have to haul two water jugs down the hill in a sled.  It is a day of celebration.  Spring is on it’s way. 
Yesterday I moved Charity and Annie D into the Creekside/Middle pasture because I can catch them.  It is a large open pasture along the creek/marshy tundra.  I moved Elli, Hazel and Alice into the Northern Bottom Pasture.  It is a smaller enclosed pasture built like a funnel.  A few days ago I was able to get the gate out of the ice and hooked back up to the N.B. Pasture.  This is where the sweet grass is that makes Annie too hyper.  I’m thinking it will do the same thing to Alice.  They have similar temperments.  
So, All the girls are down below except for Pearl.  I moved her to the Topside Pen where it is very warm.  The sun reflects off of the shop and this is the first area to thaw out.  This helps her arthritis.  She got a little thin when she took all the fences down before the first snowstorm. 
She spent all winter penned with Elli, Hazel and Alice in the top and lower pens.  They push her out of her hay.  The last week or so Alice was getting aggressive with Pearl so I am very glad I can separate them.  Elli pushes her around but isn’t agressive.  Hazel mostly leaves her alone until Hazel runs out of hay and then she will push Pearl out of her hay.  Hazel and Alice are joined at the hip and Alice is pushy to Hazel.  I’d like to separate them because it causes Alice to be pushy with people and other horses.  Elli gets after Alice which is good. 
I’m going to wait until the fence is working better.  There’s a whole eastern stretch of the fence under drifted snow.  Maybe on my day off I will dig it out before someone gets out.  No one seems to be bothering the fence yet.  Yet, that is.  Wait till the grass starts getting green. 
Annie doesn’t get along with anyone but her dam, Charity.  Charity is the boss mare and gets along with the other horses but gets mean when I pay attention to anyone else but her.  Charity and Annie do best separate with each other.  I can separate them for riding or handling.  I separated Annie from the time she was born.  Taking her for walks and handling her.
Happy Spring and God Bless.
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