Horseman’s Creed

Gentle but Firm


To ride my horse as many days as possible giving him rest when needed

To take care of my horse to the best of my knowledge and ability

To train my horse to respect me as leader and to respect my space

To treat my horse as an individual with the same respect that I ask from him 

To feed my horse for optimum health and performance

To appreciate that God gave man these noble creatures for our service and pleasure

To have soft hands with a good and balanced seat

To cue consistantly, gently, clearly, with quick and firm discipline as necessary

To respect my fellow horseman

To leave my emotions behind, they don’t belong in horsemanship

To listen, watch and be aware

To know my horse

To know myself

To know my God and Saviour, Jesus Christ

For without Him, we are nothing.

 Cynthia C Dorr

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