The Length of Cold

Finally. Here I am. Inspired to write some goals. It is January 2011.
I need to rub Hazel down all over with the halter, especially on the right side. Ground work needs more consistancy. Plan to ride her this spring.

Elli is coming along nicely as far as always being able to catch her. She needs to be more consistant in putting her head down when I halter her. Her skin issues haven’t gone away yet. I want to get that resolved this year for good. Her blind eye swelled up, but it was better today after I gave her some bute yesterday and some drops in her eye.

Annie is getting ready to go to a trainer and get started under saddle. I need to practice loading her into the trailer.

Charity is a pretty calm and serene 19-year-old this year. I want to get her so I can get on her back and ride her in from the pasture with a halter.

Alice is a nuisance and a busy body. It’s difficult not to love her because she’s always there and she’s so cute. She reminds me of Kim’s gelding, Cody. She’s always into everything. She needs to respect my space. She is too much in my space, sometimes it’s dangerous.

Pearl has been doing well all winter until the past couple days. It’s warmer but damp out. That bothers her the most. I need to get some more bute. I used my last on Elli for her eye. Pearl hasn’t had any bute since last winter. She probably needs some now. I’ll pick some up when I take Annie in. Otherwise, Ora’s trimming expertise is doing right by Pearl. Breed Pearl this spring to Rusty.

Rebel’s quarter crack is finally showing signs of growing out solid. Once again it is Ora the Farrier’s expertise. Rebel missed out on a lot of ground work being a ranch broke gelding. I learned about more in depth ground work training after I had ridden him a few years so he got left out of that equation. So, I rubbed him down with the stock whip. I’m surprised at how frightened he was of it. He finally let me pet him with the stock whip today. Back up a bit and ground work Rebel.

Rusty is all wound up like a top. I had to do some work on his fence and he grabbed my glove and was trying to eat it. When I went to get it from him he took off running so I chased him until he dropped the glove. I think he learned that from Oliver the dog (Rottweiler, Australian and German Shepherd Cross). He learned how to prance around from Oliver. Oliver would prance around and turn his head when he was playing then Rusty started doing that. Oliver is famous with taking off with my gloves. Now Rusty does it. I gotta keep Oliver out of the stud pen. Oliver, is a stud, (unneutered male dog) too. My two studleys vie for my attention. After I chased Rusty around I rubbed him down with the whip and played with his ears until his head dropped. That’s his dominant area, his poll and ears. I petted him with the stock whip and we are friends again. Need to rub Rusty with the stock whip all over, especially around his poll and ears.

So, I’ll be riding Annie this year. Can’t wait.

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