Life has taken me on many trails in the last few months. Went on a three week vacation with my new found sister, Susanna Dorr. I met all my new found family in Maine and had an exquisite time. Brought Annie D home from the trainers just before I left. Found Kristin to take care of my horses and Alice is with her for training as we speak. Ponied Annie from Rebel a couple times last week before the sweltering heat arrived. Annie did awesome. LaVon and Kim took some pictures of us. When I see myself in pictures I’m feeling confident that my riding skills, my seat, my hands, my focus are all improving. I’m finally arriving to somewhat of horsemanshipville.

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  1. cynthiacdorr says:

    Just talked to Kristin. Alice is doing really well. She learns fast and tries really hard. Kristin is using an assistant to hold a long line while she rides Alice with just a halter. I’m real excited for Alice. She’s a wonderful horse. Kristin is a young college student who lives just north of me near Rio. I’m very fortunate to have found her.

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