Wind, Rain and Cold

It’s been an active summer trail riding nearly every weekend. Kim and I camped at Governor Dodge State Park.  Kim, Tom, Barb and I camped at Kettle Moraine State Park, Southern Unit. I’m starting to ride Annie down the road by herself. Mary came over a couple times and rode Rebel while I rode Annie. I’m a lot more confident riding her alone because of that. Charity did well in a couple of shows this year. She loves the arena. We really bonded this year. Alice is nervous when I bring her out of the pasture so we are working on that. She is going through another growing spurt. Hazel is getting more comfortable leaving the pasture. Elli is finally feeling good. Pearl is still Pearl. Rusty is very healthy. Rebel is still growing out his quarter crack and has white hairs all over his back. I think it was from this spring when he was heavier than I’ve ever seen him. Looking into another saddle for him. I had a Blue Ridge roping saddle which I sold because it was too heavy for me and I didn’t like the hump in the front of the seat. I found a barrel racing Blue Ridge barrel racing saddle. I think this one will work for him.

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