Well, horse ladies and gentlemen I just wanted to pass on this information. I went out to check on my gelding (and all my other horses, but my gelding in particular because we just returned from a ride up at Black Hawk). When I ran my hands over his silky coat he put his ears back and went to nip at me. I have known Rebel for 9 years now and we have been through everything together, but he has …never put his ears back to nip at me. So, I ignored his nips. I rubbed around in the place he would nip at me and I found a lump. Since it was dark, I returned to my feed shed to get a flashlight. Sure enough, there was a tick there. It had caused his skin too swell and it was painful. I picked the whole tick out and he seemed to say, “Ahh, that feels better. He didn’t pin his ears when I rubbed him or try to nip at me again. So, once again, if we listen to our horses, they will tell us what they need. Also, check for ticks. This one was in front of his girth area, behind the elbow.

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