One More

I feel I accomplished my goals today. I took a short nap after work. Checked my e-mail. Took my Annie D (half Arab mare) out for a ride in the plowed corn field. Tried out my new Nettles stirrups. I just got them from Coolhorse for half price. Boy, do they make a difference in my seat, my balance, and my comfort. Can’t hardly believe stirrups would do that much. I also got all the horses blanketed for the snow/rain that’s predicted for tomorrow. I even unhooked my big truck from the trailer in case I need to drive it to work. Took Elmer, the redbone coon hound, for a stroll, and brought him in the house to warm up. Now, I need to finish my laundry and I’ll be ready to relax. I’m super glad I got to ride Annie D, she’s doing pretty well. I just hope I’m listening to her and responding the way she needs me to. Have a great week. ccd

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