Horses and family

With computer problems and nice weather I haven’t written in too long of a time. Spent all summer riding Alice with friends. Alice is my APHA black and white4 year old Tobiano mare. She’s a little hot, likes to go, anxious, and a bit herd oriented. She did make progress. I could get her to stop jigging, she goes in water, and has seen miles of trails. I’m hoping to keep up with this now. It’s my new goal. I love to write and I should use it to my advantage. Due to the high fuel costs I have had to cut back expenses. One of the luxuries I have cut back is having a website. I would rather blog, and write about my experiences. I can post pictures, talk about my horse experience and share about my family as well. The family is growing. My children, and grandchildren are a great blessing to me. I’m hoping I can share my love of horses, photography, and music with them. Until next time, have a good week. Going to Fleet Farm on a date with Duke, the man of the house.

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One Response to Horses and family

  1. cynthiacdorr says:

    Now it’s time to get ready for work. Without my job I wouldn’t have my horses.

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